Bear Creek Tutoring Program


Dear Reader,

We are thrilled to introduce the Free Tutoring Program, an initiative dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge they need to succeed after school hours.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education has been significant, leaving students throughout the country with gaps in their learning. In Irving, TX, the situation is no different, with children falling behind in reading and math by an average of 6 to 10 months, and in some cases, as much as 2 years. We cannot allow our children to continue slipping behind in their education.

That's where the Bear Creek Tutoring program comes in. Our program is run by dedicated volunteers who are committed to delivering high-quality tutoring assistance to students in need.

Our volunteer tutors possess strong educational backgrounds, including professionals from renowned companies like ICR, Verizon, FootLocker, HCSC, Cisco, MoneyGram, Nokia, Raytheon Technologies, Chase, Citibank, PayPal, and other companies. Additionally, we have experienced Texas school teachers, doctors, engineers, and high-performing college and high school students as part of our team. With their expertise and passion, we provide exceptional one-on-one and small-group tutoring sessions. Throughout the school year, students can benefit from approximately 100 plus hours of tutoring, including on-site sessions once a week and on-demand remote sessions.

While this program is just the beginning, we believe it can significantly impact. Our goal is to partner with schools and align our tutoring help with the Irving I.S.D. Curriculum. By working with teachers, administrators, and, most importantly, parents, we aim to empower our city's children to develop their academic and life skills, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Irving is a city that represents migrants from different countries, offering ample opportunities for collaboration and support, both online and on-site.

We kindly request your support in volunteering some of your time on a weekly basis in the next academic year. Whether it's tutoring, transporting children, assisting with administrative activities, student registration, volunteer management, curriculum preparation, or joining our special events task force team, your contribution will be invaluable.

If you live within a few miles of a radius, we also welcome volunteers for tasks such as skill-building, computer skills, and more.

Thank you for considering our request. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these students. Please reach out to us directly, and feel free to share this email with others in your network who might be interested in joining our cause.


Program Coordinators:


What We Offer

Free Tutoring for grades K-12 (Every Friday night from  5:45 PM - 8 PM)

Free Light Dinner and limited transportation services provided

Online/On-demand Tutoring is subject to student needs and tutor availability.

We are partnering with others in our community to provide students with a high-quality, personalized educational experience. With inspiring and skilled tutors, and a dynamic, interactive curriculum, students supplement their school learning and learn at a pace that is right for them. 

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